Circa Unknown, 1

Rambled down an old road, red clay, dust. Sure looked like the gas station was sprung out of 1950 something. Green pumps, an old Coke sign hanging out front, dog lying near a chair the attendant was fast asleep in. I took my gas and left him the right amount and then some, tucking it in his shirt pocket. Dog barely paid me any mind. Too hot. I took a Coke. Popped the cap off. Drew out a mouthful, let the icy carbonation hit the back of my throat and snake its way down. Cans don’t have nothing on bottles. Way it was meant to be drunk.

Headed out on that road again. No idea where to. Been following it for days and it just never ends, wrapping its way around pine. Pretty. But I’m about to lose my mind. Where the hell did the rest of civilization go?


About ellie azure

I'm a writer living in the real world. No paycheck for my wordage; no pennies for my thoughts. But I still want to write! Topics: What makes me laugh, what pisses me off, what I ponder, and anything else I see fit to write about. View all posts by ellie azure

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