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Circa Unknown, 1

Rambled down an old road, red clay, dust. Sure looked like the gas station was sprung out of 1950 something. Green pumps, an old Coke sign hanging out front, dog lying near a chair the attendant was fast asleep in. I took my gas and left him the right amount and then some, tucking it in his shirt pocket. Dog barely paid me any mind. Too hot. I took a Coke. Popped the cap off. Drew out a mouthful, let the icy carbonation hit the back of my throat and snake its way down. Cans don’t have nothing on bottles. Way it was meant to be drunk.

Headed out on that road again. No idea where to. Been following it for days and it just never ends, wrapping its way around pine. Pretty. But I’m about to lose my mind. Where the hell did the rest of civilization go?



Publishing, writing, writing…working out some things and will start October 1.  Aiming to publish in 2014.  🙂

Just listening to Pandora

Quiet day on the writing front. Will see what Ms. Marlene has up her sleeve for me this evening when I get off work. Just listening to some good music, job hunting and getting a few things lined up to write (story ideas, outlines), catching up on email.

Really inspired by these authors today: Jillian Holmes, Dawn Pendleton, Sean Platt

Found My Muse in a Bar

“What are you going to call your first book?” Marlene asked, leaning close to Desiree as if the very words she would speak were magical.

Desiree chuckled. Her friend could be such an imp and a romantic. Right now she was positively sappy with support and Desiree loved her for it. “I think I will call it something like ‘Deliciously Evil.'”

“Ooh! Do tell!”

“Do tell what? I haven’t thought out anymore than that and it was just off the top of my head.”

“Will it be romance, adventure, horror…erotica?” Marlene smiled, devilishly.

Desiree burst with laughter. “Maybe it will be all of those!”

“Why not?” Marlene asked, stirring her cocktail. The bar was alive with chatter, interest and the excitement that accompanies the night crowd. “It would sell.”

“That would be awesome. I would love nothing more than to write all day and afford to do it.” I sipped my fruity ale and nibbled on some peanuts. Already scenes were percolating in my imagination.

“It’s entirely possible. Entirely.” Marlene no longer kidded with me. She had fixed her gaze on me, the one that said, “You better make good on your promises because I mean business.”

“You really think I could do this?”

“Of course I do! You’re doing it now!” The band had started and the dance floor was quickly populated. Marlene had to shout, “You’re doing it right now! Look how you changed from third person to first. Just let that imagination loose, girl. It’s been a long time.”

It had been. I’d been trying to fit my writing into my life, into a mold, into a funnel that would condense it to something befitting a good wife and mother as if I were personally responsible for the wholesomeness and salvation of the entire planet. Not that I wanted to write anything that was the polar opposite to such a thing, but somewhere in the vast middle there were limitless stories about everything my heart desired and my mind wrestled with that didn’t conform to the mold I’d created for myself and had tried to stuff myself into. Now that I had Marlene on my side, I knew I could write to my heart’s content.

“Come on, ellie, let’s dance!” she said, calling me by my real (pen) name and not a random character’s name.

I grinned. Marlene knew how to draw me out of myself. There is no Muse better than her. I joined her on the dance floor. Except for a dance with the kids here and there, I hadn’t danced in over thirty years – since high school. It was a sheer pleasure throwing myself into the beat and getting lost in the rhythm. It didn’t matter whether or not I was perfect. It was all about getting immersed in the moment and enjoying myself.

“That’s right!” Marlene shouted in my ear. “Just let yourself go. That’s how you have to write. Remember?”

The biggest smile lit up my face. I remembered! It was like all my favorite Christmases, summer vacations and ice cream cones as a kid all wrapped into one. It was pure, refreshing and without inhibitions. A good feeling welled up in me, the kind of feeling that tells me I am doing the right thing and that I’m on the right track.

Marlene threw her head back and sang with the band without a care in the world. Why I had clamped down on her, caged her, bottle her, I don’t know…and I don’t care. The important thing is that she’s free now and so am I. I threw my head back and joined my voice to hers and the chorus of all the others. That feeling of something good and right just kept on growing.